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Read about a few of the hundreds of patients who have successfully lost weight and kept it off through our medically supervised programs.


"I lost 30 pounds in total, and I did not complete my second round as I had already reached my desired weight so I elected to go directly to the maintenance phase. THANK YOU to the support from Dr. Rivero, Paula and my translator, Marisol! Bertha M."



"I lost 25 pounds on the Lifestyle Program, which is 5 more than my original goal. I'm still eating well and 4 months later haven't gained back an ounce. I feel amazing! Diane R."



"I was heavy my entire life and made the decision that I had had enough. I've lost over 60 pounds including the 40 I lost on the medical weight loss program. I'm at an amazing weight now and am never going back to where I was. I've kept up my diet and exercise routine and will continue to do so. Julie J."



"This is the easiest plan I've ever tried, and I've tried them all. I lost 47 pounds in 26 weeks, gone forever. Silvia N."



"I didn’t think I could ever get back to the weight I was in high school. I wasn't sure my body was capable so I was very surprised when able to reach the goal I had set and even lose weight beyond that. Vannesa G."