What Is Medical Weight Loss?

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Benefits of a Weight Loss Plan Supervised by a Physician

Are you done with Yo-Yo diets? Do you want to lose excess weight once and for all? At Florida Medical Diet of Miami we have physician supervised programs that may the right fit for your needs. We have been helping our patients lose unwanted weight for more than five decades. Our chiropractors and therapy and medical experts will consider your physical and medical histories when developing your personalized weight loss program.

Our Diagnosis for Medical Weight Loss

The doctors and staff at Florida Medical Diet of Miami approach weight loss as a medical issue. During your first visit you will undergo a review of your medical history which will touch on your current diet and weight as well as your mental state and history. This information will be used to customize your weight loss program.

After the consultation and medical history review, we will perform basic physical exam to record your pulse and blood pressure as well as your current weight and height. If necessary, your doctor will test your lungs, heart, thyroid and hormone levels. If you have a family history of heart disease, your doctor may request an EKG exam as well. With all of this information gathered, your doctor will be able do develop your personal medical weight loss program.

Lifestyle Change

With the lifestyle change program you will receive targeted treatments including appetite control medication that helps with weight loss and has the added benefit of helping with diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

Creative Visual Relaxation

Creative visual relaxation is a form of hypnosis that works to change your relationship with food as well as your eating habits.

Fast Track

With this program you take daily, prescribed medications that encourage rapid weight loss spurts and long term weight loss.

Want To Learn More?

If you have any concerns or questions or would like helping with picking the right program, our knowledgable staff is ready to help. Contact Florida Medical Diet.

Counsel and Medications

Once your examination is complete and your physician has provided a diagnosis, the right medical weight loss program will be chosen for you. If you require to lose weight rapidly you may be put on the Fast Track Program. Regardless of the program you are placed on, you can expect to be educated on the benefits and risks of any injections or medications you will receive.

At Florida Medical Diet of Miami we provide the best service and care which begins with your first visit and continues through the post weight loss phase to insure the weight is kept off.