Neuropathy Treatment

Visit Advance Health Services for Expert Neuropathic Pain Treatment

Advance Health Services is the best place to start getting relief from neuropathic pain and discomfort. Diabetic patients can sometimes develop neuropathy, a condition that affects the sensory nerves and could cause loss of feeling, and pain or burning, in the arms and legs.

Diabetic patients with associated vascular impairment, combined with neuropathy, may develop ulcers, most commonly on the lower legs and feet. These ulcers are at risk for infection as they sometimes go unnoticed due to the sensory loss associated with neuropathy. Visit Advance Health Services for a diabetic neuropathy treatment plan that will relieve neuropathic pain and combat loss of nerve function.

At Advance Health Services, diabetic neuropathy treatment and neuropathic pain treatment are our specialties. We employ a number of therapeutic treatments designed to encourage nerve function, increase blood flow, relieve neuropathic pain and discourage the appearance of ulcers. Our doctors and staff have experience in neuropathic pain treatment and stay abreast of the latest advances in neuropathy management and treatment.

Experience Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment with The ReBuilder's Regenerative Effects

One of our newest acquisitions is the ReBuilder, a pain treatment device especially effective for neuropathic pain treatment. The ReBuilder sends a comfortable, restorative signal through your feet and legs or hands and arms that reduces pain, improves sleep and increases mobility. The ReBuilder does this without drugs or invasive surgery.

The ReBuilder is a great tool for diabetic neuropathy treatment and neuropathic pain treatment because of the affect it has on nerves and nerve paths. The restorative signal the ReBuilder transmits accomplishes the following:

  • Re-educates the nerve paths
  • Re-polarizes the nerve membranes
  • Improves nerve impulse transmission
  • Promotes healing of superficial skin sores and ulcers

Simple to operate, the ReBuilder can fit in your hand and sends tiny electrical signals to your nerves and muscles. These signals are an exact copy of normal nerve signals, but larger so they activate inactive nerves, and strengthen muscles while calming overactive nerves. Call today to find out more about the ReBuilder and its use in neuropathic pain treatment.


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