Exercise and Mood

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Exercise and Mood

Chris Goetz - Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Exercise Your Way to a Good Mood

Goetz with CaptionAt Advance Health Services we are proponents of a holistic approach to weight loss and being healthy. Recent studies are showing that there is a real connection between physical exercise and psychological well being. This is something many have always suspected. We all know runners who talk about the "high" they get from a good run, and most of us have experienced the euphoric sensation that results from a good workout. Now science is telling us that exercise can literally make us happier as well as ward off depression and anxiety. In some cases, the effect is stronger than the drugs commonly prescribed for these problems, but it is available cheaper and without the negative side effects.

While there are definite links between lower impact exercises, like yoga, and improved mental states, the recent research has found that the strongest effects come from higher impact and cardio exercises like running, cycling, swimming and demanding sports like basketball and tennis. To promote physical health doctors suggest a weekly regimen of 150 minutes of moderate exercise or half that time doing vigorous exercise. These same recommendations will provide a mental boost as well. While some prefer to exercise in a gym or at home, the same studies are also finding a psychological benefit to taking your physical activity outdoors.

Although exercise provides an immediate and measurable positive impact to one's mood, to truly benefit from the positive psychological affects of exercise requires commitment. Physical activity releases neurotransmitters in the brain like dopamine which is involved in feelings of pleasure, and serotonin which affects your mood. The strongest effects, however, are experienced by those that incorporate regular exercise into a routine that favors a generally active lifestyle. Taking things a step further, exercise can increase levels of BDNF, a protein that has been linked to fighting off neurological disease. So exercising may help you avoid Alzheimer's.

Traditional Positive Effects

There are many additional mental benefits to regular exercise that we have long taken for granted. Ancillary effects that are a bi-product of getting out of the house and being active. Meeting people is one great benefit. Running, walking and other physical activities can be shared with friends or used to make new ones. Increased energy and self confidence almost always follow a successful exercise routine. Here are some other common sense benefits to exercising regularly.

  • Relieve stress
  • Boost energy
  • Improved sleep
  • Healthy appetite
  • Sense of motivation and achievement
  • Increased self confidence

Advance Health Services offers a variety of programs to help you loose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We always include an exercise program unless there is some medical reason not to. Call Advance Health Services today to get on a holistic health program which includes exercise and all of the positive mental effects it brings.

Dr. Chris Goetz was an offensive lineman with the San Diego Chargers and New York Jets from 1990-1992. Having seen the benefits of therapy as he recuperated from his NFL injuries, he decided to enroll in Chiropractic Medicine school and dedicate himself to bringing relief and wellness to others. He has been Owner/Director of Advance Health Services of Miami since 1999.