Lose Weight With a Registered Dietitian

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Lose Weight With a Registered Dietitian

Chris Goetz - Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Eat What You Love and Lose Weight With a Registered Dietitian

Goetz with CaptionRegistered Dietitian is more than a title. It signifies that this professional is an expert on food and nutrition, knows all about food interactions, the chemistry involved and how a body processes different types of food. Anyone can claim they are a dietitian or nutritionist. The difference is that a Registered Dietitian (RD) or Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) has the education and experience needed to provide effective and medically safe nutritional counseling.

RD's and RDN's must at least hold a bachelor's degree (about half hold graduate degrees), complete a specialized curriculum on diet and nutrition, pass demanding examinations and fulfill a supervised program at a health care facility. Many take their education even further by getting certified in a specialized field like sports or pediatric nutrition

A Meal Plan You Can Live With

A Registered Dietitian can help put together a meal plan that is perfectly suited to you and your needs, whether you want to lose weight quickly and safely or have decided to eat healthier for life. By studying your medical history and eating habits your RD will know if you have any dietary habits that are stopping you from reaching your goals. He or she will determine the best nutritional path to accomplish your goals while setting appropriate, and realistic, caloric and nutrient intake levels. The primary benefit is a meal plan designed specifically for you, to help you succeed. By including foods that you already love, and introducing you to new foods you may be unfamiliar with, an RD will help insure your success.

When attempting to lose weight turn to a Registered Dietitian for a meal plan and diet advice tailored to you. Even if you are starting an established weight loss program, consult with an RD for counseling on what you will eat and what meal substitutions you can safely make. The HSG diet offered at Advance Health Services is an excellent example. This diet uses human hormone injections that allow one to go on an extremely low calorie diet without risking the usual associated dangers like muscle loss.  A Registered Dietitian will prepare a meal plan that ensures you are getting balanced meals with the right amount of nutrients every day. Furthermore, Registered Dietitians stay abreast of the latest diets and dietary supplements and are able to provide guidance on what really works and what is just another weight loss fad.

Educator, Motivator and Guide

Aside from counseling on food choice, a Registered Dietitian can act as an educator and motivator. While working closely with an RD you will learn about nutrition, specifically in relation to your own body, and you can expect to discover some delicious foods you may have passed on in the past. Your RD will motivate and guide you to success by teaching you how to shop for groceries, eat mindfully and keep a food journal so you can review what you have been eating and its effects on you. A Registered Dietitian can help you overcome challenges and make sure you get back on course if you slip.

Beyond all of that you can turn to your Registered Dietitian for guidance on handling food allergies or sensitivities and to determine if your diet might interfere with any medication you may be taking. Remember that a Registered Dietitian is a food expert. Consulting with an RD before starting a weight loss program can help insure success. At Advance Health Services we have Registered Dietitians waiting to help you reach your weight loss and healthy eating goals  Contact us for a free evaluation.

Dr. Chris Goetz was an offensive lineman with the San Diego Chargers and New York Jets from 1990-1992. Having seen the benefits of therapy as he recuperated from his NFL injuries, he decided to enroll in Chiropractic Medicine school and dedicate himself to bringing relief and wellness to others. He has been Owner/Director of Advance Health Services of Miami since 1999.